Trailers for transporting dogs

The transport trolley for dogs is composed of a chassis with an isothermal superstructure. The chassis consists of a fully welded galvanized frame with one or two axles of KNOTT or AL-KO manufacturers. If it is necessary to use the chassis itself, it is possible to make a superstructure removable from the chassis frame and use the chassis with floor for other purposes.

Boxes can be adjusted for one, two, three, four or six dogs. With special trailers, the number of transported dogs can be higher, and it is also possible to design atypical box dimensions. If the technical possibilities of manufacture allow it, it depends on the requirements and needs of the customer. Boxes are also manufactured separately for pick-up or platform vehicles.

Additional equipment of trailers is available

  • bicycle rack,
  • boat carrier,
  • fans,
  • roof boxes,
  • etc.

The isothermal box is composed of a 25 mm thick sandwich wall, which is fixed by an aluminium structure. Insulation is made of extruded polystyrene or PUR insulation, inner and outer shell is made of 1.5 mm thick laminate. The floor panel is strengthened with reinforcements with a washable surface treatment, on which a removable wooden grate or rubber mat can be placed.

Individual boxes have internal lockable aluminium grates. The exterior door has an isothermal finish. Ventilation is provided by the adjustable roof ventilation window for impact air, or electrical ventilation system or it is possible to install air conditioning system. Boxes may also have emergency side ventilation.

Storage space can be created in a double ceiling panel or by placing a roof box on longitudinal roof racks, supplied as standard, or possibly in a box on towing device for storing the spare wheel, leash, baskets, etc.

The surface treatment of the transport box depends on a customer wish (coloured foil, car paint coat, advertising coating); standardly the colour of the trailer is white. It is also possible to manufacture double-decked boxes. Dog trailers are also available in a two-axle version or braked axles.

Standard chassis equipment:

  • suspended unbraked axle,
  • axle for maximum speed permitted 130 km/h,
  • total weight not exceeding 750 kg,
  • wheels – 165/70 R13,
  • drawbar support wheel,
  • Slovak TP for transport of live animals,
  • electrical installation of the trailer 7-/13-pin.

Standard superstructure equipment:

  • 25 mm thick insulation panel walls, white colour,
  • all external aluminium profiles in anodized finish,  
  • ceiling ventilation – adjustable ventilator, 460 x 460 mm,
  • stainless steel door ventilation, 180 x 180 mm,
  • single-key locking of external doors,
  • lattice interior doors (aluminium/stainless steel) with locking,
  • manipulation handles (2x),
  • latching arms on external doors (stainless steel),
  • all external fittings (stainless steel).

Additional trailer equipment:

  • two-axle unbraked chassis version,
  • suspended axle unbraked Special with shock absorber,
  • braked axle,
  • height-adjustable drawbars,
  • support leg at the rear part,
  • spare wheel,
  • spare wheel holder and locking,
  • front lockable storage box on the drawbar,
  • side emergency hopper stainless steel ventilation,
  • removable wooden floor gratings,
  • roof storage space – lockable,
  • roof racks,
  • electric fan,
  • LED lighting of the boxes and trailer,
  • water tank and drain faucet.

Special dog trailers

We offer our customers the possibility to have special dog trailers manufactured with the option of combined storage space customized according to customer requirements and needs.

Transport vehicle superstructures for dogs

The transport box is custom-made according to the type of PICK-UP or delivery vehicle and loading area dimensions, as well as requested quantity of dogs to be transported. Removable from the vehicle.

Transport car boxes for dogs

The transport box is suitable for all vehicle types such as delivery vehicle, pick-up, combi or hatchback. It is designed for the transportation of dogs, so that not only the safety of passengers, but also the safety of dogs is ensured. Depending on dimensions of the box and the vehicle, the maximum loading area of the vehicle can be used.

Parameters of car boxes for dogs

The box is made of aluminium structure with a lockable door. Ceiling and floor are made of reinforced laminate, or possibly impregnated washable plywood. Box dimensions are adjusted to the vehicle type.

Technical description of the car transport box

  • welded box structure; aluminium profiles + lattice front door,
  • sheathing – 3 mm laminate,
  • floor – waterproof plywood with anti-slip surface treatment, 9 mm, 
  • hinges, 4 pcs,
  • cup closure + lock, 2 pcs,
  • pipe grating, 2 x (20 mm gap between pipes),
  • side ventilation,
  • anchoring mechanism,
  • removable dividing crossbar. 

Additional equipment:

  • removable wooden floor gratings

Boxes can also be stored on top of each other.


Trailers for transporting dogs

Transport car boxes for dogs



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