Refrigerated and freezer superstructures

Isothermal box superstructures with PUR insulation in panels ensure the transport of goods in a required temperature range. They are designed to be self-supporting and are placed and anchored to any chassis in the weight range from 3.5 tons to 24 tons through the vehicle subframe.

They are designed primarily for the transportation of the foodstuffs with controlled temperature in the cargo compartment; the temperature control is simple and clearly arranged in the driver’s cabin. Each superstructure is designed to allow the installation of a refrigerating aggregate that ensures the required temperature during the transport of goods and foodstuffs.

It is possible to provide the customer with an ATP certificate of the superstructure upon request.

Box superstructuresRefrigerated box superstructuresFreezer box superstructures
Self-supporting refrigerated box
suitable for transporting the foodstuffs and goods
temperature rangefrom 8 °C to 0 °Cup to -20 °C
It is composed of sandwich panels from our own manufacture with PUR insulation of thickness:
side walls65 mm85 mm
front panel65 mm85 mm
rear door65 mm85 mm
roof65 mm85 mm
floor (according to the payload)85 mm115 mm
laminate on both sides of the superstructure with a hygienic certificate:
laminate on both sides of the superstructure with a hygienic certificate

Basic description of the superstructure:

  • welded galvanized and painted vehicle subframe,
  • rear door frame (stainless steel) with double-leaf door,
  • exterior moulding of the superstructure – aluminium L profiles or fiberglass laminate profiles,
  • fittings and fasteners – stainless steel,
  • aluminium sheet metal panel for the bottom part of the door, height according to a customer’s request,
  • side doors according to customer requirements,
  • complete LED lighting of the superstructure according to the regulations valid in the Slovak Republic,
  • internal LED lighting.

We offer an installation of accessories to our superstructures for an additional charge:

  • mounting rails,
  • modification of the superstructure for the transportation of meat hanged in the ceiling of the superstructure,
  • spoilers and sleeping superstructures PONY and ZAKO,
  • hydraulic platforms DHOLLANDIA,
  • independent heating WEBASTO.

We supply refrigeration equipment
of the following brands:

Service support

Service support

we provide service for all of our superstructures as well as for those of other manufacturers

Insurance events repairs

Insurance events repairs

we provide repairs for all of our superstructures as well as for those of other manufacturers



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