Utility box superstructures

It is a self-supporting box suitable for transporting foodstuffs and goods. The construction of the box superstructure prevents the climate impact on the transported goods. The box superstructure can be installed on all types of commercial and freight vehicles.

We also specialize in the manufacture of superstructures for platform chassis up to 3.5 tons, which have a low loading platform edge.

They are primarily used for transporting:

  • flowers,
  • baked goods,
  • furniture,
  • etc.
Superstructure composition
It is composed of sandwich panels from our own manufacture with EPS or PUR insulation of thicknes
side walls25 – 45 mm
front panel25 – 45 mm
rear door25 – 45 mm
roof25 – 45 mm
floor (according to the payload)18 mm
Superstructure surface treatment:
laminate on both sides of the superstructure with a hygienic certificate

Basic description of the superstructure:

  • welded galvanized and painted vehicle subframe (with respect to the maximum load capacity of the vehicle, particularly up to 3.5 tons, assembled aluminium subframe of the vehicle is used),
  • rear door frame (stainless steel) with double-leaf door,
  • exterior moulding of the superstructure – aluminium L profiles or fiberglass laminate profiles,
  • fittings and fasteners (stainless steel),
  • aluminium sheet metal panel for the bottom part of the door, height according to customer’s request,
  • side doors according to customer requirements,
  • complete LED lighting of the superstructure according to the regulations valid in the Slovak Republic,
  • internal LED lighting.


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