Transport car boxes for dogs

The transport box is suitable for all vehicle types such as delivery vehicle, pick-up, combi or hatchback. It is designed for the transportation of dogs, so that not only the safety of passengers, but also the safety of dogs is ensured. Depending on dimensions of the box and the vehicle, the maximum loading area of the vehicle can be used.

Parameters of car boxes for dogs

The box is made of aluminium structure with a lockable door. Ceiling and floor are made of reinforced laminate, or possibly impregnated washable plywood. Box dimensions are adjusted to the vehicle type.

Technical description of the car transport box

  • welded box structure; aluminium profiles + lattice front door,
  • sheathing – 3 mm laminate,
  • floor – waterproof plywood with anti-slip surface treatment, 9 mm, 
  • hinges, 4 pcs,
  • cup closure + lock, 2 pcs,
  • pipe grating, 2 x (20 mm gap between pipes),
  • side ventilation,
  • anchoring mechanism,
  • removable dividing crossbar. 

Additional equipment:

  • removable wooden floor gratings

Boxes can also be stored on top of each other.



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