Mobile shop in a car superstructure

It is possible to build a box superstructure according to the permitted dimensions on the low-floor platform chassis of vehicles intended for the transformation. This applies to vehicles up to 3.5 tons. The box superstructure is designed for selling goods and preparing food (so called “FOOD TRACKS”), or we can modify the superstructure to a bar or possibly to a mobile stage. In the case of a superstructure for the sale of goods and products, it is possible to divide the space and create a refrigerated box using refrigerating equipment. Such modified vehicles can be used to sell refrigerated products. The superstructure provides a wide range of the appliance location and installation.

Sandwich isothermal panels EPS 150:

side walls25 mm
front panel25 mm
rear door25 mm
roof25 mm
floor (according to the payload)18 mm
fiberglass laminate with a hygienic certificate both sides

Basic description of superstructure:

  • Hopper window on the side of the vehicle, opened by means of gas struts, dimensions according to the layout of the vehicle in space, where the glazing of load compartment is planned (it is not possible to interfere in the supporting structure of the vehicle).
  • Floor of the vehicle is treated with the floor rubber with PVC surface.
  • Hygiene corner: double sink, 6 l boiler, water faucet, distributor, 2 x 25 l container, pumping device, drain, converter, cabinet with worktop + sink installation, drain.
  • Electrical distributor for 230 V + 12 V external socket, 2x LED lighting, distribution box, breaker, residual current device, connection of sanitary facilities, connection of appliances, 5x socket 230 V, reduction, 3 000 W sinusoidal converter, which provides 230 V current to keep food stored in refrigerators or freezers during the ride.
  • Box for gas or generator.      
  • Fixed connection of water and drain to sanitary facilities.           
  • Fixed connection of water and drain without jerrycans and boiler.                                                        
  • Furniture with assembly (bottom part).                                                                 
  • Furniture with assembly (upper part).                                                                               
  • Top shelf with the front panel over the sales window.
  • Foldable customer desk.                                                                               
  • Roof ventilation.              


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