Mobile shops in a trailer

This mobile shop is built on chassis, which have a light all-welded construction made of closed metallic profiles, giving the trailers high strength. They are standardly treated with hot-dip galvanizing. They are available in two versions – with unbraked axles or equipped with an inertia braking system from AL-KO or KNOTT company.

Box superstructure is available in following dimensions:

length2 – 6,5 m
width1,7 – 2,5 m
height2 – 2,5 m

The entrance door of the shop is standardly placed from the drawbar, but it can also be placed elsewhere as required. Sales windows are placed on the side or rear panel in various quantity and dimensions according to customer requirements. The box is constructed according to customer needs with respect to the relevant standards.

 Basic parameters of the chassis

  • Chassis with galvanized frame.
  • Supporting wheel with a bracket.
  • Complete electrical installation of the chassis – 7-/13-pin adapter.
  • 4x supporting legs + crank.
  • Wheels concealed in floor + inner mudguard.
  • Spare wheel basket.
  • Alternative chassis with flat floor without inner mudguard, 10″ wheels.

side walls25 mm
front panel25 mm
rear door25 mm
roof25 mm
floor (according to the payload)18 mm
fiberglass laminate with a hygienic certificate both sides

Composition of superstructure:

  • Floor – waterproof plywood + PVC.       
  • Hopper window according to customer requirements, opened by means of gas struts + lock.
  • 1x entrance door with lock. 
  • Edging profiles – aluminium.
  • Fittings (hinges, locks, fasteners) – stainless steel.
  • Slovak TP + COC.

Basic supplementary equipment:

  • Coloured laminate.
  • Technical painting to the required colour.
  • Round design including ELOX profiles.
  • ELOX profiles.
  • Door/hopper door extra.
  • Box for gas or generator.
  • Roof ventilation.
  • Sanitary facilities – jerrycans cabinet with doors, double sink, water faucet, distributor, 5 l boiler, waste bin and service water container 2 x 25 l.
  • Fixed connection of water and drain to sanitary facilities.
  • Fixed connection of water and drain without jerrycans and boiler.
  • Electrical installation 230 V – base.
  • Electrical installation 230 V.
  • Electrical installation 400 V.
  • Furniture with assembly (bottom part).
  • Furniture with assembly (upper part).
  • Top shelf with the front panel over the sales window.
  • Foldable customer desk.
  • Appliance installation and connection.
  • Spare wheel.


If you have any questions about a concrete product, you have a special inquiry or you’re interested in obtaining a price calculation, please use this request form.