We modify vehicles for the transportation of deceased human bodies and human remains. This modification includes also the installation of refrigeration equipment, necessary for the transport of human remains under the Act on Funeral Services no. 131/2010 Coll. A vehicle modified for the transport of deceased human bodies and human remains on communication over land shall be adapted to maintain the temperature up to 8 °C in the load compartment over the long term.

The load compartment shall be illuminated and shall be equipped with anchorages necessary to fix the coffin or transport bag. The crew compartment shall be separated and sealed from the load compartment. It is sealed with a separating panel, which prevents passing odours and vapours into the cabin. Also, the walls and the floor of the load compartment shall be easy to clean and disinfect. The colour of interior is optional (white, black, gold, bronze, etc.) and also the design of the telescopic mechanism for coffins. The most commonly used are stainless steel stands. By our modification, we try to prepare the vehicle to ensure a dignified journey of human remains.



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